FoxQuoting Friends

My friends and I sometimes say really weird things. Here is where I post quotes out of context, much like a popular news station.

Oct 19
“If they figured out the Eucharist then this cannibal stuff is easy!” B

“I´ll make my own participles!” Josh

Oct 13
“If I ever have a son I’m going to take credit for all the good things he does and none of the bad.” Dan

Oct 10
“If genocides are so bad then why are their millions of them?!” Dan

Oct 8
“Because students are retarded” Josh

Oct 7
“Blah blah blah, bloobity bloo, human progress is hopeless, something something something bopping along aimlessly.” Josh

“No, it´s perfect. I´m inside you.” Josh

Oct 4
“We have an open door policy but that´s in part due to the fact that our lock is broken.” Dan

Oct 1
“I am sure you all know about the difference between speed and momentum…/sigh…the difference between speed and momentum is…” A

“No. Empathy sucks. I hate it.” Josh

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