FoxQuoting Friends

My friends and I sometimes say really weird things. Here is where I post quotes out of context, much like a popular news station.

Jul 26
“So I laugh at people getting their eyes stabbed out, so what?” Mother dearest

Jul 24
“Okay, yeah you´re right. I DO go around smelling your armpits.” Allie

Jul 17
“So, the last time I was institutionalized…” Allie

Jun 9
“too sleep to do too wake to sleep” Todd Silver 2014

May 7
“You’re either in a band, and that’s cool, or you go see a band, and that’s still cool, or you have cats.” Jay

Apr 29
“Yeah, he wanted to do it [senior seminar] on satanic mysticism. You know, that field is very important in philosophy. There’s ontology, epistemology, ethical theory, and satanic mysticism. You need the big four if you’re ever going to make it out there.” F

“No. I don´t hate my life. It´s just that everything sucks.” Todd

Apr 25
“My feet don´t reach the ground!” Allie

Apr 23
“Fuck the world!” Allie 2014

Apr 12

A: I don’t know what to say to you!

B: You can say something original like “oh God.”

A: Oh God!

B: That’s not my name but you can call me that if you like…

Allie and B

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