FoxQuoting Friends

My friends and I sometimes say really weird things. Here is where I post quotes out of context, much like a popular news station.

Aug 20
“I perform better when I’m half asleep and have no idea what I’m doing.” Allie

Aug 19
“Josh: You make your girlfriend literally cry from it?

Todd: Yes, she’s bad! She needs it.”

“She’s lucky because she has asthma.” Todd

Aug 17
“I’m most interesting when I’m unconscious.” Carrot Cake

Aug 16
“Can someone hold this? I have to pee.” Liz

“Oh my God I don’t care about the Unites States!” Liz

“Yes, I absolutely take pleasure in her pain.” Todd

Aug 7
“If it does’t specifically say “do not use on genitals,” I’m going to use it on my genitals.” Allie

“No seriously. I want retarded news. I need it. I’m retarded.” Allie

Jul 26
“So I laugh at people getting their eyes stabbed out, so what?” Mother dearest

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