FoxQuoting Friends

My friends and I sometimes say really weird things. Here is where I post quotes out of context, much like a popular news station.

Sep 1
“The meat watered it down.” Liz

“Do we have mustard? I could make a mustard sandwich!” Sam

Aug 31
“I’m okay with this because I can smell your pits.” Allie

Aug 30
“…I broke my thighs…” Allie

Aug 28
“He wrote this book that you (the class) shouldn´t read. It´s full of sex and violence…don´t read it…. … I´m going to write title on the board … make sure to get a good translation.” B

“If you swallow that then we can get to the God stuff…” B

“There´s a problem with God…I shouldn´t have been honest, sorry.” B

Aug 26
“Modern people are such wimps. They aren´t any good at orgies at all! You people need to go to orgy class!” B

Jay: It seems like God was having a really bad day in the Old Testament and then chilled out a bit.

Brenden: It’s like he came down from his crystal meth binge is what it is.

Jay and Brenden

Aug 25
“My tiny dick has been hard since then and will probably remain hard forever.” Allie

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