FoxQuoting Friends

My friends and I sometimes say really weird things. Here is where I post quotes out of context, much like a popular news station.

Sep 19

J:You hurt their feelings!

A: Well now they´re dead!


Sep 18
“Oh, right. I need to make a shout out….I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT YOUR COCK!” B

Sep 17
“I don´t want to put my vagina in yet, it´s too cold.” Allie

Sep 15
“Use whatever you want to use, now; don´t worry about the future.” AMC manager

Sep 13
“My legs are like baby elephants, George.” Josh

Sep 12
“Ahh! My groin! I use that for standing!” George

Sep 10
“No, don´t! That´s my cupcake handle!” Allie

“It´s a divine porno!” B

Sep 1
“The meat watered it down.” Liz

“Do we have mustard? I could make a mustard sandwich!” Sam

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